Make more longlasting placements for your clients with the most powerful all-in-one recruitment solution to acquire, vet, and groom software engineers

Give you software engineer candidates and clients dedicated platforms for skill vetting, scheduling, project-based recruiting, a grading system and so much more.

What is Project Based Recruiting?

How can project-based recruiting gives my company an edge?

Project Based Recruiting is a network of in-person recruitment tasks that allow software engineer candidates to validate the skills on their resumes, while providing hiring managers with the data the need to make the right hires, quickly through our distributed network.

How do I know Project-Based Recruiting is right for my company?

Project-Based Recruiting is right for you if your firm is focused primarily on filling Software Engineering roles and want to scale the number of placements you make every month without hiring additional recruiters. That means more revenue and, most of all, more money in your pocket. If you want to scale up your firm's placements, sign up today.

How will my recruiting firm make more placements with Project Guild?

Each of your clients will create an in-person recruitment project within the software. Each project will have the necessary tasks to identify the right software engineers. Those tasks across your client base become nodes in your network that software engineers will move along to be vetted, tested, and validated. With our integrated grading system, the more engineers you add, the more data you have running through your network for hiring managers to make hiring decisions.

Your clients already create software projects, now give them a platform to generate recruitment software projects within your network, instead of job posts

Your client will add a recruitment project and then create tasks. Our Machine Learning engine and matching algorithms will distribute the tasks to the right candidates, and provide a scheduling function to make it easy for your candidates to perform each task in-person. Your clients get to see the candidate, see their work, and know if they are a fit for their real projects.

Groom an entire database of software engineers in your network of recruitment projects, instead of only searching for a candidate when you have a role to fill

Your candidates will begin validating their resumes, gain exposure to your clients, and generate skill enough data to make it easy for hiring managers to make the right hires. The more skills they validate, the easier it is for our machine learning algorithm to predict who is most likely to succeed long term. We will show you which candidates are most likely to have long term employment with your clients.

We handle Security with an integrated scheduling system and an engineer ID badge system for your clients to work with your software engineer candidates efficiently

Each candidate will schedule their matched tasks, and our system will generate an ID badge for your candidates to show upon arrival. With one-button, your clients can approve entry to the building. When the candidate submits their task, your team is alerted, and their build ID is expired.

Each candidate will fit into your revenue strategy like a puzzle with our five-pillar system because you don't get paid if the candidate doesn't meet your client's needs

An Engineering General Assessment, Video Interview, Skills, and Background checks are part of the five pillar system. So you know where each candidate is within your funnel. Add call notes, view Project Score & Report and more from your easy to use dashboard; This allows you to maintain a personal touch alongside all of the automation provided.

Your clients can send offers to candidates from their dashboard when they see a fit

We provide your clients with special tools to track all of the progress made on their recruitment projects and the Project Scores & Reports of all of the candidates who've completed tasks. Generated reports show your clients who to send offers to based on the data, and with one click, you and your candidates are notified.

Keep track of your potential earnings at all times with baked-in features that show you an estimate of what you stand to earn from the candidates you are grooming

The more candidates you are grooming, the more placements you will make in our network. Even when you don't have the right tasks to vet a candidate, we will match them with assignments outside of your client-base to increase the speed in which you can successfully place candidates; this is the power of being part of a network.

We use smart contracts, badges, and ID's to increase your earnings within our network

Each of your clients and candidates has a badge and ID of your recruitment firm. In the event a candidate is matched with a task outside of your network, we generate a smart contract. This contract is created between your firm, the candidate, and the company. Your earnings and placement potential is increased over 1000x on our network.

Beat the competition, increase your revenue by increasing the number of placements happening every month within your company by getting started with our Project-Based Recruiting network

While your competition is only looking for candidates when they have a role to fill, your database of engineers will be going from cold to burning hot with top prospects that have proven their abilities. You will be part of an exclusive network where candidates are groomed and quickly placed into the right roles, earning you more money and time without scaling up your staff. What's not to like about that?

Claim your spot among top tech recruiting firms in our network before our March 1, 2020 deadline

Join our recruitment firm partners who are opting-in to groom their software engineer candidates to make more than they ever could before without the network effects, technology, and clarity given with Project-Based Recruiting. We evaluate every firm that signs up to make sure they are a fit for our network.

No credit card needed to get started today!

A specialist will reach out to you to make sure you are a fit for our network but in the meantime, sign up and take a look around.

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