Find the best software engineers from your candidate pool with an all-in-one solution to vet skills through on-site projects

Built in Candidate importing, scheduling, tasks matching, building badges, a grading framework, account management and much more.

Vet engineers looking to get a career by proving their skills

We have thousands of engineers looking for companies like yours to prove their skills on your company's recruitment projects.

Create projects to vet every skills for all of your company's engineering positions

Create projects that have the same complexities as the ones inside of your company. This will allow you to quickly identify the engineers that have the right skills and attitude to successfully join your team and do great work right away.

Task matching and scheduling designed specifically for working with engineers that are located outside of your office space.

All you have to do is create the tasks within a project and they are automatically matched with an engineer that has right skill set to complete the task. You never have to worry about scheduling tasks. because it is all handled with our automated system.

Our automated scheduling system generates badges for you to grant engineers temporary building access to complete their scheduled task

A building badge is generated when a engineer schedules a task they are matched with. You are sent an email and SMS of all scheduled tasks, including an in app scheduling dashboard that lists all of your scheduled tasks in date order. When the engineer arrives to complete their task, they will show you their badge, and you can confirm their identity and grant them building access from your own matching badge located in your dashboard. When the engineer presses the "Submit" button, you are alerted with an email and SMS, then their badge is expired.

Get alerted when tasks are submitted

The task review section makes it easy to see when a task is submitted. You will be alerted via SMS and Email, so you never miss a beat.

Review and rate tasks that are submitted

When tasks are submitted for review, quickly and easily grade them from a simple dashboard.

The Project Report is a growing list of feedback engineers are getting for every task they complete within a company on our network

The Project Report tells you everything you need to know about a software engineers proven abilities and allow you to make a date-driven hire. Quickly identify if the engineer has done the right level of tasks to succeed in your organization. Since every company on Project Guild has serious hiring intent, every task an engineer completes could land them a job, so this dataset with show you exactly what each engineer is made of.

When you need to drill down a little deeper into a particular skill before making a decision on a candidate, send an epic task

Epic tasks give you the control to dig deeper, by skipping the matching algorithm and delivering a task directly to the candidate.

Send offers unlimited offers to engineers from the platform

Send offers to the candidates that live up to your company's engineering standard.

Manage your recruiting projects with our automated system

Our algorithm will match your tasks with engineers who are looking for a role, and want to quickly prove their skills.

Precise skill vetting

Quickly identify the strengths and weaknesses of software engineer candidates. Use Epic Tasks to take control of the automation and dig deeper into candidates skills.

Project Score & Report

The Project Score & Report is all the validation to identify engineers that are the REAL DEAL. Real-Time Project Analytics makes finding the right hires, easy.

Send unlimited Job offers with no fees

Recruiting software engineers with a recruiter is expensive(avg $35,000). Hire with us without the recruitment fees.

Award winning customer support

We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer support. Our goal is to make sure your company successfully hires the right engineers and will do anything to make sure you are successful on the platform.

Track the engineers that stand out

Get updates on the Project Score & Report daily, weekly, or monthly. And send an offer when they are showing the right signs of a good hire.

No credit card needed!

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