Get the right software engineering role by proving your skills inside of companies

Show and prove your skills inside of companies that want to hire software engineers with your skill-set

Complete tasks needed to prove each skill

Our algorithm will match you with tasks to be completed in companies that are considering you for a role, so you can quickly prove your skills.

Precise skill development

Quickly identify your strengths and weaknesses and work on the skills that are stopping you from you being an all-star developer.

Project Score & Report

Your Project Score & Report is all the validation you'll need to show companies you are the real deal. Real-Time Project Analytics.

Get $100K + Job offers

Set your salary requirements, prove your skills, then receive offers. You can accept or pass on any offer right on the platform.

Unlock Performance Trophies

These trophies are achievements that show companies that you are a persistent, focused and skillful software developer.

Companies track your performance

Companies will track your journey and recruit you when your performance shows you are a fit.

Show and Prove to companies what you're worth

A Project Score & Report showcase your proven skills to companies. Each and every task you complete on the platform will be scored and added to your Project Report. Companies will use your Project Report, to determine if you a fit for their companies.

Prove your skills inside the buildings of companies around you

We match you with tasks within local businesses so you have a real data to prove your worth. Every task you take on will be inside of a real company where you will meet the owners, the employees, managers and recruiters who are evaluating your skills.

Earn recognition during your validation journey.

Big tech companies love over-achievers. The secret is, everyone loves over-achievers. Earning these trophies shows companies you are the real deal because you can only earn them by working on your craft. We want you to be able to quickly demonstrate your dedication.

Visualize your skills the way employers do

Skill analytics let you and companies know how much progress you've made providing a solid burden of proof of your abilities.

You are in control of your journey

On Project Guild you have the flexibility to choose what you want to do and when you want to do it. Our scheduler allows you to accept on pass on tasks. This makes proving your skills easy.

Companies will see your profile, skills, and be able to quickly send you an offer right on the platform

As you start proving out your skills you will receive job offers. Every company using Project Guid is hiring and analyzing every task you complete. Showcase your best abilities and get hired.

You cannot get a job for skills you haven't proven

We make it easy to keep track of unproven skills, so you can be focused on proving out the right ones.

Proving your skills on Project Guild will transform you from an engineer candidate into an engineer every company wants

Select the skills you need to validate and we will match you with tasks inside of local businesses to give you the platform you need to show your skills.

You've been hired!

Hired status is the results you get on Project Guild. You prove out your abilities, in the places you want, at the times you want to get the job you want. We give you the tools to take back control of your destiny. If you are destine to work at a big tech firm, or an overlooked, or even an all-star in the making, when the value you will bring to a company is clear, you will get more offers and land the job you want.

Say goodbye to interviewing and say hello to Project Guild.

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